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How did beauty get so expensive? – Try Free Club
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How did beauty get so expensive?

The beauty industry is worth $170 billion and it is still rising due to the fact that beauty has and always will be a major asset. Everyone wants to looks young and beautiful for as long as possible. We have come up with a variety of beauty treatments, expensive surgeries, fillers, botox, creams and serums that are supposed to make you look and feel younger. The beauty industry wants us to think that our self-worth is tied to our looks. That is why we spend thousands of dollars on creams, beauty treatments and even plastic surgery.

The question is; are these beauty treatments and products really worth the price? Some skin care products cost $ 30 while other $ 300 so we tend to ask ourselves, what is the difference? Are the ingredients in the $300 face cream so rare and precious or is it just a marketing trick? The price of the product is related to the image that the brand wants to sell. Most of the skin care products are not worth more than $ 50 but the image of the brand and the huge mark-up is usually what we pay for.

The big cosmetic companies are aware of the fact that women want to look young and beautiful and they use it to their advantage by giving their customers exactly what they need. The prices are based on factors such as marketing or packaging, not the exclusiveness of the ingredients. There is no point in spending thousands of dollars on a serum that is signed by a big brand when you can have the same product with similar ingredients by buying a much cheaper skin care facial cream or serum.

Beauty brands are aware of the fact that we are willing to pay any price just to keep our youth forever. They know that by creating beautiful commercials, bombarding us with photoshopped pictures of women that look flawless and creating a beauty standard that women want to fit in, they will make us pay thousands of dollars for skin treatments that do basically nothing other than nourish the skin. The true secret to looking and feeling young is eating right, drinking plenty of water, exercising on a regular basis and finding the right (inexpensive) skin care that works for our skin type.

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