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Free Trial General Terms & Conditions – Try Free Club
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Try Free Club / Free Trial General Terms & Conditions

These are generalized terms of the products offered as free trials.

We advise you to understand these tips as guidelines and general explanations of what may or will occur once you order a free trial.

  • The Free Trial Products are NOT Free. They are Free to Try for a certain period. After that period passes, you will be required to Pay, Review or Cancel your commitment to the brand you ordered from.
  • You will need to cover a nominal shipping charge (usually below 5$) when you order the Free Trial product.
  • Each product has its own Free Trial Period. Although most products stick to 14 or 30 days, make sure you check which is the time-frame you can test your product.
  • Some products create automatic subscription when you claim their free trial, meaning that after the free trial period is over, you will be sent a new supply of the product and be charged with a full price.
  • You can claim only 1 free trial of each product. Multiple free trials from the same vendor and product are not allowed due to the vendors’ fair free sample distribution policy.
  • If you are not satisfied with the products’ effects, we advise you to call the vendor, inform them, and if any subscription is made, cancel your subscription and avoid getting charged for a product that you are not satisfied using.

The information provided is not official, nor can be used in any stating way towards any entity, as any Free Trial Vendor has its own policies, terms, and conditions.